Is it necessary to have an account to shop on Tradila?

For browsing the products, there is no need for an account. However, for ordering / shopping for products, an account is mandatory.

Can I order a product that is 'Out of Stock' or 'Temporarily Unavailable'?

No, you can't. Wait for the product to be in stock and then order it.

What does 'Out of Stock' mean?

Stock is not available with the seller.

What does 'Permanently Discontinued' or 'Out of Print' mean?

The seller doesn’t manufacture or sell that particular item any more.

Who packs the products and how?

The seller packs all the items ordered by the buyer, according to the Tradila internal guidelines.

Are there any hidden charges (Octroi or Sales Tax) when I shop on Tradila?

No, nothing is hidden. Every charge and cost will be mentioned in the invoice.

Can I club my orders from different sellers to be delivered together?


I am unable to add products to cart. It says MOQ / Minimum Quantity not met? What is MOQ / Minimum Order Quantity?

MOQ is the minimum amount of products that should be purchased in a single order. At Tradila, only bulk orders are accepted. So, you need to order minimum number of products in one order.

Why am I getting MOV not met? What is MOV?

MOV is Minimum Order Value. It means you have to shop for a minimum of 10000 INR amount from Tradila, since it’s a wholesale portal.

How do I get the purchased products? Who provides the courier services?

The purchase products are sent to the buyer's location by the seller via Tradila’s 3rd party Logistics Partner.

What if I want to buy more quantity than the maximum amount available?

There is an option for Post Bulk Requirement in case the amount is bigger than the maximum amount displayed. The Tradila team will get back to you, once the form is filled by the buyer.

How to add multiple products of different sizes?

Select a Product Size, choose the quantity, click Add to Cart. Select again a different product size, choose the quantity & click Add to cart. Both products with different sizes will be in the cart.

Selling on Tradila

How can I become a seller and start selling products on Tradila?

Go to the Seller webpage. Fill in the details. Our team will contact you for further processes.

Privacy & Security

If I have found a security Bug/Vulnerability/Issue what should I do?

In this case, you should report it to our Customer Service Helpdesk with the below details:

  • Steps to reproduce the bug/issue
  • Your web browser/mobile browser's name and version
  • Screenshot/screencast (if any)

Login & My Account

I'm getting the error message that says, 'You've exceeded the maximum number of attempts to enter correct verification code'. How can I log in to my Tradila account now?

Login after 1 hr & be careful while entering the OTP

Why is one of my Tradila accounts now inactive?

Your account is not compliant with our 'Terms & Conditions' Your business is categorized as high risk, as per our internal risk assessment

Can I add multiple email addresses and mobile numbers to log into my account?

No, only 1 account with 1 GST number, mobile & email can be used to login in Tradila

Do I need to verify my mobile number or email address every time I log in


What should I do if I don't get the OTP or verification code?

Wait for some time as there can be a network issue. Contact customer service for further issues.

What is an OTP or verification code?

It’s a unique code sent to mobile and email id that is valid for a particular time for registering into the website

Why do I need to verify my mobile number or email address to log into my Tradila account?

Verification is one-time activity and important for controlling the fraud registrations in our system

How can I add a new delivery address to my Tradila account?

You can add new addresses from "My Address" page. It can also be done during order checkout.

How can I change the password for my Tradila account?

From the "My Profile" section

Can I change the email ID linked with my Tradila account?

No, you can not change the E-mail ID associated with your Tradila account. However you can change your registered Phone number.

How do I register on Tradila? Are there specific requirements to register on Tradila

You can register using valid GST number, phone number and email ID

Product Review

What are the guidelines for writing product reviews?

Use the product personallyFirst and foremost, you should have actually purchased and used the product yourself, for which you want to submit a review.
Write informative and relevant content The readers must be able to understand your review. So, it should be relevant to the product in question and unbiased. Write only those things that are constant for the product and do not change, even after years.
Be honest and target your readersIt is important to present your honest and personal point-of-view regarding the product. Your review must be in tune with the readers.
Mention Correct FactsIn review, you can write your opinion, but it should be supported with facts that prove your opinion. Inaccurate information doesn't benefit anyone.
Stay Concise In review, you can be creative but you need to keep its length concise. For this, you need to mention only about the product and its characteristics. You can write a Catchy Title as well.
Easy to read, easy on the eyes For that perfect review, make sure to do a quick spell check and minor editing. In case, you are writing slightly lengthy review, always break it into paragraphs and bullets.

What is benefit of Tradila 'product review section'?

This section allows the users to share their opinions regarding the product's performance and quality. It is beneficial for other shoppers / buyers as they can take a right buying decision.

What points should NOT be present in the product reviews?

  • Irrelevant information or data
  • HTML or Links within the text references
  • Feedback of services such as queries related to order, payment, and availability. For this, you can use the Contact Us form.
  • Personal information
  • Information related to price
  • Plagiarized (copy-pasted) and/or promotional content
  • Comments written in a way of compensation
  • Irrelevant, provocative and copyrighted comments
  • Information about issues in the product description
  • Use of fake IDs and /or irrelevant e-mail IDs
  • Use of language other than English
  • Requesting helpful votes
  • Comments written on the behalf of an individual or a company having a financial concern in that specific product or that of a competitor's product

Order Place & Confirmation

How can I place an order?

Search for the Product -> Go to the Product Details Page -> Add to Cart -> Buy Now -> Login & Provide shipping address -> Payment Details -> Continue.

Can I order if I don’t have a GST number?

No, GST is compulsory.

Can I place order over phone?

No, orders are accepted / placed only through the portal as of now.

I tried placing an order through portal but it isn't working. Can you help me placing an order?

Yes, we will help you. Please mail the 'Customer Service Team' with the exact error faced by you during order placement. Our 'Customer Service Team' will contact you ASAP to assist you with your order.

Can I place order for a single quantity of any item(s)/product(s)?

No, all orders should be placed in bulk quantities only. Tradila does not support orders for one / single quantity of any item(s)/product(s)

How will I know that my order has been placed successfully / confirmed?

Order successful / confirmation notification will be displayed on the screen. Additionally, a SMS & an e-mail will be sent to you as well.

I tried placing my order using my Debit Card / Credit Card / Net Banking but the order was not successful. What happens to the money deducted from the card?

If your order was not successfully placed, but amount was deducted, then the money will be transferred back to the source account within 3 to 5 business days

How do I check the status of my order?

It can be checked via "My Order Section" with the valid tracking ID.

What should I do if I don't get the invoice for my order?

Invoice will be sent to mail. If you have not received it, there is an option for Invoice Download in the 'My Order' section of the particular order.

How do I get invoices for my previous orders without checking/ accessing my e-mails?

Go to My Orders page. Invoices will be available against a particular order.

Can I add an item to my order after placing my order once?

Yes, you can do so. As modification to an existing order is not possible, it will be considered as a separate order.

What do the different order statuses in 'My Orders' mean?

Different Statuses refer to the different stages of the Order Delivery. For example, the current location of the order, etc.

Will I be informed once my order is processed?

Yes, a SMS and an Email will be sent to the buyer. You can also track the order status.

Where can I find the seller's returns policy?

In the Return & Policy Section


How will my order be delivered?

The order will be delivered through 3rd party Logistics Partner of Tradila, within the estimated date of delivery.

Is it possible to choose my preferred delivery partner?

Currently, there is no option to choose preferred partner.

What should I do if my order is approved but not shipped yet?

There might be delay from the Seller’s end. Appropriate information will be provided in the tracking details. After X+1 duration, if the order is still not shipped, it will be auto canceled & the amount will be refunded to you.

What is Estimated Delivery Time (EDT) of an order?

Estimated Delivery Time (EDT) depends on the distance between the seller and buyer. It will be mentioned in your "My Orders" section, after successful placement of the order. You can check the order details in the portal. We always try our best to deliver the order ASAP.

Can I track my delivery? How do I track the progress in order processing?

Yes, you can track the delivery status / order status in "My Order Section" with the Order ID.

Can I get my order delivered faster?

No, we don’t have the facility as of now. Your order will be delivered within the estimated delivery date mentioned in the order details.

Why is standard delivery time different for some products?

Delivery time is not product specific. It depends on the distance between the seller and buyer. The estimated date of delivery will be mentioned in the portal

Why can't I track my order even though it has been shipped?

It might be due to some technical issues, report a SR for that.

I missed the delivery of my order today. What should I do?

Overall 2 attempts will be made to deliver the order. In case you do not receive it, then the order will be returned to the seller & shipping charges (To & Fro) will be borne by you.

Will the delivery be tried again if I'm not able to collect my order the first time?

Yes, overall 2 attempts will be made to deliver the order. In case you do not receive it, then the order will be returned to the seller & shipping charges (To & Fro) will be borne by you.

The status on the tracking website shows delivery was attempted but I was not there to receive. Is it possible to get the delivery now?

Overall 2 attempts will be made to deliver the order. In case you do not receive it, then the order will be returned to the seller & shipping charges (To & Fro) will be borne by you.

My order has reached the nearest delivery hub, but why isn't it out for delivery yet?

Order might be stuck due to some issues, but it will be delivered within the promised date. In case of further delay, appropriate message will be sent to you.

My order status shows 'Out for Delivery', but I haven't got it yet. When will I get it?

Order will be Delivered within 6:00 PM of the day.However on certain cases it might be delivered post 6:00 PM as well. Please wait till the end of the estimated date of delivery. Appropriate messages will be sent in case of any further delay.

The delivery of my order is delayed. What should I do?

Sit back & wait. You can check the 'Updated Tracking Time' in the system.

Why was my package not delivered? / Why have I not received my order yet?

Package might not be delivered due to multiple reasons. Appropriate message will be sent to you via SMS. You can also check its status in the Order Tracking Page under "My Orders" section.

My package shows delivered, but I can't find it, what should I do?

Please contact our Customer Service Help Desk & provide the Order ID. Our Customer Service team will provide assistance accordingly.

How is a 'business day' different from a 'regular day'?

Business day doesn’t include Saturdays & Sundays and Holidays

Does Tradila sell the products?

No, Tradila is an online b2b marketplace. The products are sold by sellers registered in our platform, whose quality check has been personally sanctioned by the Tradila team.

Payment Wallets

How does Tradila prevent card fraud?

Tradila doesn’t save the card details of the buyers. Every time a card is used for the transaction, it is redirected to the partner payment gateway. The payment gateway uses their secure techniques and algorithms to prevent fake card transactions.

Can I pay with any Credit Card?


Can I use any Debit Card to pay for my order?


Can I use the Cash on Delivery payment option for every product I buy on Tradila?

Full COD option is not available. 60% amount of the invoice has to be paid in advance, the rest 40% can be paid through COD.

How can I pay for my order?

After the order is added to the cart, the buyer can go to his cart page and click Checkout to proceed to the “Payment Page”. The buyer can pay for the goods using the modes of payment mentioned in the portal.

What is the minimum amount I can shop with Cash on Delivery payment option?

Cash on Delivery in applicable on any order irrespective of the amount. Just pay 60 % of the invoice amount online in advance and get the product at your doorstep.

I made a payment but order was not successful.

If the order was not successful and the payment is done, it will be reverted back within 3 to 5 business days.

What can I do if the balance in my wallet is not enough to pay for my order?

Use the wallet amount with other payment options as rest amount will be deducted from other payment methods.

I'm not able to use my wallet to pay.

If there is some amount in your wallet, then it’s a technical issue, please contact Customer Help Desk with appropriate description & screenshot.

What are the modes of payment for purchasing on Tradila? What payment methods do you accept?

The accepted modes of payment are COD, Online Transactions & Credit Facility as mentioned in the Payments policy documents

Are there any additional charges for COD orders?

There are no additional charges but 60% amount has to be paid online in advance

Can I pay COD (Cash On Delivery) for every product I buy on Tradila?


How can I pay if COD option is not available on my address?

Pay through other modes of payment mentioned in the “Payment Page”

Why isn't COD available to me?

That product might not be eligible for COD or the area is not serviceable for COD option

Is it safe to use my credit/debit card on Tradila?

Yes, it is 100% safe.

Can I make a credit/debit card or Internet Banking payment on Tradila through my mobile?



Why can't I get some items shipped to my location?

Your area might not be serviceable by Tradilan ’s logistics partner.

What are the standard shipping speed and delivery charges?

Both vary according to the shipping address. Estimated Delivery Time (EDT) depends on the distance between the seller and buyer. It will be mentioned in your "My Orders" section, after successful placement of the order. You can check the order details in the portal. We always try our best to deliver the order ASAP.

Who pays for the courier?

The delivery charge will be borne by the Buyer.

When do I need to pay for the courier?

In case of online payment, the payment should be made as soon as the order is placed. For COD payment option, part of the transaction has to be made online and the remaining to the logistics partner.

Where can I see the orders I have placed?

In “My Orders” section

Can I take the shipment after opening and checking the contents inside?

Once the shipment is delivered by the logistics team, it is your decision. In case of return, a separate return request has to be entered by you.

What should I do if I find my package opened or tampered with upon delivery?

If the package is opened, do not accept the package. The amount will be refunded to the source account within 3 to 5 business days.

I have a complaint about the courier executive, who came to deliver my order.

Please contact the customer help desk and describe the incident.

Cancellation & Returns

If I request for a replacement, when will I get it?

There is no replacement for the product. Only return option is available as of now with appropriate refund policy.

How long does it take to cancel an order?

Cancellation of Order can be done before the item is shipped by the seller. Once the item is shipped, it can’t be canceled. However, if you have canceled the order before its shipment and you have made the payment for it, then the amount will be refunded to the source account within 3 to 5 business days.

When are refunds given?

Refunds are possible in case of damaged goods during delivery, manufacturing defects or wrong product delivery only . Further, the 'return' option should be applicable for that specific product(s).

How do place 'return' request?

To return a package, follow these steps: NAvigate to My Order Page -> Select the particular order -> Click on return items -> Tradila team contacts the buyer -> Buyer has to send the proof of defect to Tradila. Based on the proof, Tradila will decide whether the return will be applicable or not.

Which products are not eligible for returns?

It is mentioned on the product detail page, whether it is eligible for return or not.

Can items be returned after the time period mentioned in the seller's Returns Policy?


When is return of an item not possible?

When the return period is over for that order, or the order is non-returnable, as mentioned on the product detail page.

What are the modes of refund available after cancellation?

The amount will be credited to the source account within 3 to 5 business days, once the order is picked up by the logistics team.

How can I know the status of my refund?

The status will be reflected in the "My Order" section against the particular order.

Can I change the address for pick-up of item(s) in my order?

No, for a return, the item(s) will be picked from the same address at which it was delivered in the first place.

What is the Pickup Process?

The pickup is allowed only in the case of Return of the particular product(s). The pickup will happen only for return of a particular product(s). The logistics team will pick the goods from the buyer’s location and the amount will be refunded within 3 to 5 business days once the seller receives the goods back.

I have requested for a return for my item. When will it happen?

The date of pickup of the item will be mentioned in the 'My Order' section and also an Email/SMS will be sent to the buyer

What is the refund timeline, if I cancel or return a product?

The details of the timeline will be mentioned in the My Order Page.

What is the refund timeline, if I cancel or return a product?

There might be some problem with your bank account, please check with your bank. The Refund will be processed within 3 to 5 business days upon successful pickup of the returned items.

In case the amount is still not credited, contact the customer help desk.

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