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If you are tired of having foul smell and odor around the corners of your house then Home and Decor of Tradila will help you in maintaining hygienic and refreshing environment. On this site, you will get liquid room freshener that is marketed by DOCTOR CARE brand. This item is supplied in packaging options of 1 liter to 5 liters. Our Home and Decor is additionally regarded to be a complete and safe deodorizer; however, it functions best like an odor balancer by removing smells related with acidic substances such as sweat or pet urine. This liquid freshener can be purchased in bulk at lowest price. At Tradila, we offer wholesale-purchase opportunity to you to obtain Home and Decor product. To expel the moisture in upholstery, fabrics or carpet, you only require to spray some DOCTOR CARE freshener and baking soda then leave it overnight to allow them to absorb odor and minute dirt particles. On the next day, you can simply vacuum the baking soda to have cleaned and soft fabric or carpet.

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