Kitchen Tools

Tradila offers jaw dropping collection of Kitchen Tools for its wholesale customers. Avail huge discount on bulk purchase of these items through this site. This category contains various products from brands like National and Livo to simplify cooking by reducing time and effort. Each item offered under this category makes food preparing session enjoyable and promotes healthy way of living. Category of Kitchen Tools includes: Chili & Nut Cutter, SS Chili & Dry Fruit Cutter, Chilly Cutter, Chipser (5 in 1 and 8 in 1), Potato Chipser ( also with single blade design), jumbo Onion Chopper, 7 in 1 Veg Slicer & Grater With peeler, Juicer & Crusher, Orange Manual Juicer, Ss Long Ili Base, Kitchen Lighter With Knife and or Peeler, 3 Pcs Knife & peeler Set, Wooden Knife set, Cheese Grater, Cutter with Chopping Board, Slicer in different models, Lemon and Orange Juicer, Flour Sifter, Ring Sev Sancha/Chakli Maker and SS and Wooden Villi in different shapes. Customers can also enjoy benefits of using innovative kitchen products like Multi Crusher, Kitchen Press, SS lemon Squeezer with Bottle Opener, Multi Veg Cutter, Egg Cutter, Dicer, Chopper, Coconut Scraper, Vegetable Spiral Slicer and SS Wire Plastic Handle in different dimensions. We offer these items of National brand with maximum 92% off on their MRP. Clients can also avail Kitchen Tools products from Livo and its product line includes: Fruit Juicer in different models, Vegetable Cutter, Pavbhaji Masher ( Wooden and Steel made versions), Mango Cutter, Egg Cutter, Chili and Dry Fruit Cutter, Veg Slicer and Grater (4 in 1), vegetable &Fruit Slicer (6 in 1), Chipser( 14 in 1), Potato Chipser, Onion Chopper, Chopping Board, Kitchen Lighter with or without Knife, Set of Knife and Peeler, ABS Oil Pump, SS Kitchen Press, vegetable Chopper, Tea Strainer, Apple Cutter in different specifications, SS Chili Cutter, Multi Chopper, Coconut Scraper, SS Slicer (2 in 1) in up to 89% discount rate.

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