Racks & Holders

Find best deal online at Tradila for shopping bulk Racks & Holders. Offered in 64% to 68% off on the MRP, this category of products includes Masala Rack 30 x 35 x 18 and King Spice Rack With 16 Jar of LIVO. Rectangular shaped Masala Rack is wonderful storage choice for kitchens having limited space. These racks are ideal for airtight storing of powder or seed based spices. Jar based racks are sure to draw compliments for their nice appearance and large storage capacity. Made of PP material, these Racks & Holders are ideal for home and commercial kitchens where maintaining hygiene is given utmost importance. These light weight kitchen storage solutions are simple to clean and maintain. Anti bacterial attributes and good sealing performance of these PP products maintains purity and freshness of stored substances. Our online store offers these Racks & Holders at much lowest price compared to their original cost.

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