Skin Care

Skin covers most of our body and is exposed to different harmful conditions. Hence, it is our duty to take good care of it. At tradila, you can find all the required items under Skin Care section. Right from neem gel, apple cider vinegar gel, sunscreen, and slimming oil to cleansing milk, rose water, and mist spray, Tradila has everything you need to hydrate, cleanse and nourish you skin from head to toe. These products are made and supplied by reputed cosmetic brands such as JAYS BODY CARE, FIZZY FERN, AMBIENT and AEGTE. Skin Care of tradila is typically visited by many people because here products have lowest prices; they come from popular brands and also, they are provided with discounts. Therefore, you can bulk purchase these products in wholesale to give opportunity to others to take care of the skin. The gels are basically composed to massage the skin, clean it and provide it all the necessary minerals. However, the sunscreen will function as a barrier between heat and your skin while giving it moisturization and vitamins throughout the day. The rose water has versatile usage so it can be used for makeup, regular skin care routine and so on.

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