Spatulas of Tradila are imperative cooking instruments in any kitchen. Dissimilar to ladles, these are blade-like and flat utensils. These are flat and broad tools utilized for spreading, lifting and flipping the food items on stoves while cooking. There are varied sizes and kinds of spatulas accessible on Tradila at wholesale rates. You can bulk purchase these tools in sets or single pieces. They are tailored from metal. These Spatulas additionally help in mixing, serving, frying and scraping purposes. Buy these spatulas of NATIONAL BRAND. While these require careful handling during cooking, these can be long-lasting and hardy. At tradila, these Spatulas are delivered at lowest and attractive rates that enable you to use them as baking tools too. They have a plastic handle that has fast grip for simple application to withstand lifted temperatures. Besides, the grip and plastic handle of NATIONAL Spatulas at Tradila make sure that heat does not reach to your hands.

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